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Background Importance to become an effective leader

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Effective/Less Effective Leaders

Leaders can come from all backgrounds, genders, and races. Identify what makes the following individuals effective (or less effective) leaders: President George W. Bush, Microsoft's Bill Gates, Senator Hillary Clinton, and entertainer Oprah Winfrey.

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The foundation of any organization and/or community is the approach in which a leader takes when dealing with high venue problems. Leaders must be reliable and resourceful in how they approach peers and subordinates in order to create a positive culture. Regardless of an individual's background, gender, and race, if they possess the ability to empower and motivate others this becomes a null fact when dealing with them. The effectiveness or less effectiveness of leader is one's perception and just that. Below we'll review historical leaders in their industry and/or government state as it relates to the effectiveness or lack thereof.

In the case of President George W. Bush his background played a major part in his ...