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Memphis Belle and Black Hawk Down

In the movie "Memphis Belle," focus on the four officers (pilot, co-pilot, navigator and bombardier). Which of these aviators would you follow into combat, especially in the dangerous skies over Nazi-held Europe? Remember that the Memphis Belle was flown by ten real-life heroes. Also, discuss which one of the NCOs you would most like to be. If the movie "Memphis Belle" is unavailable to you, do some actual research on the Memphis Belle and her crew. Discuss leadership as seen using any three of the real crew members.

Another point to consider, do you think that leading a crew in an aircraft is different from leading a team on the ground?

Analyze and cite examples of Army values as demonstrated in Black Hawk Down, esp. the examples of Gordon, Shughart and Eversman.

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The person who I would most emulate in combat would be Captain Dennis Dearborn from the 1990 movie "The Memphis Belle" in the dangerous skies over Nazi-held Europe because he was cautious and meticulous in his preparation as well as carrying out his duties. The professionalism displayed by Mr. Dearborn was akin to how the crew was enabled to fly the final mission and survive because he ensured that pre-flight checks and briefings on what each crewmember were responsible for was integrated into the psyche of his crew. Therefore, if just by habit, when the going got tough the crew was able to rely upon the briefings which the crew had received dozens of times to effectively do their part. When people's lives are on the line someone who is a perfectionist such as Mr. Dearborn is exactly who you would want to have as your leader because they will ensure that every possible scenario humanly ...

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