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    Sociology of Culture

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    Please help with the following problems.

    1. Describe one dominant and one minority group to which you belong. Explain why you classify each of these this way.
    2. Name one subculture and one counterculture. Did you participate in any of the subcultures mentioned in this lesson? Who do you think categorizes a group as a counterculture?
    3. Identify one assumption, one value, and one attitude you hold with respect to health, work, or health care. What cultural influence(s) do you think resulted in these beliefs?

    Please provide two-three sentences each.

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    1. The dominant culture is one where the society's members are in the majority or have more power over other groups. For example, in the United States, the dominant culture is that of white, middle-class, Protestant people of northern European descent. A minority group is the opposite, or ...

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    This post is an overview of the sociology of culture. Concepts discussed include dominant and minority cultures, subcultures and countercultures, assumptions, values, attitudes and beliefs.