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    What is sociology?

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    What is sociology? What is meant by a "sociological perspective??What is a way that you could apply the sociological perspective to an issue in your daily life? Explain your answer.

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    1. What is sociology?

    Sociology is the study of social interaction and social organization. It studies the structure and dynamics of society, and their complicated connections to patterns of human behavior and individual life changes. It examines the ways in which the forms of social structure -- groups, organizations, communities, social categories (such as class, sex, age, or race), and various social institutions (such as kinship, economic, political, or religious) affect human attitudes, actions, and opportunities. It also investigates how both individuals and collectivities construct, maintain, and alter social organization in various ways. Sociology asks about the sources and consequences of change in social arrangements and institutions, and about the satisfactions and difficulties of planning, accomplishing, and adapting to such change. In ...

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    This solution examines the concepts of sociology and 'sociological perspective. It also discusses ways to apply the sociological perspective to an issue in daily life.