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    1960s Major Civil Rights Events

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    I need assistance in understading some events from the 1960s:
    Protestors at the Lincolm Memorial during the MLK's "I have a dream speech".
    The Freedom Riders headed to New Orleans in 1960.
    The Watts riots in LA in 1965.
    Selma marches in 1965.
    Supporter and political organizers for Robert Kennedy in 1968.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Protesters at the Memorial could include two groups of people, technically speaking: (1) those who, like the student wing of MLK's protest movement, sided with King in his demands for racial equality; (2) those who, opposed to King, sought to discredit him, make his appearances seem haphazard or dangerous, or simply thought he was advocating something too radical. Freedom Riders, who would meet King ...

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    Several major events such as marches, protests and political background to civil rights events in the 1960s are touched upon briefly.