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Why should race and ethnicity be defining terms of a person?

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Why should race and ethnicity be defining terms about a person?

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Race and ethnicity should not be defining terms about a person, but yet they are in our society. Our sociological context defines us and provides us with an identity. Our race and ethnicity is a part of our sociological implications. We learn about race and ethnicity through our social relations, historical teachings and ...

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We are all born into a sociological context. Throughout our human development and experiences, we encounter views and perspectives defining race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and so on. However, race and ethnicity defining our identity is the question. The color of our skin or ethnic group relation should not define our character as an individual. However, many may stereotype, discriminate or judge upon one's race and ethnicity. How do you want to be identified as a person?

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