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    Walmart and evidence of discrimination

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    I need help in the following to start on a paper:

    Collect real time data using either an observational method or a questionnaire to analyze how people perceive or react to race in a specific setting (discrimination in the mall or at work or in a childcare setting). There is a fair amount of flexibility on the setting and variable of interest, as long as it is sociological in scope. I need a minimum of 20 observations. Break down of what needs to be covered:

    â?¢ A summary of your project topic and its importance; note that projects should relate directly to some aspect of diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, age, social class, etc.)
    â?¢ A discussion of the method you plan to use and why it is appropriate for your topic. Acceptable methods are described in detail in the project instructions and include observation, questionnaire, or content analysis
    â?¢ Select three scholarly articles you plan to use. Briefly summarize your sources. discuss the background, theories, or concepts, and to interpret and analyze your findings.
    â?¢ Citations should be in APA format include a reference page.

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    Well you have some good ideas. Walmart is a good choice. Are you able to go on company outings and observe? That might be difficult. Also, observing why men are promoted over women would be difficult without talking to the employees. However you can observe the ratio of men to women in positions of mangers or where they fit in the hierarchy? Also, you can observe these things in terms of ethnicity, race, or age. For this short assignment you may want to just pick two main aspects to focus on.

    So to begin, you need to summarize for example and try to answer the question of why this research is relevant.

    Somethings such as:

    The purpose of this research is to observe Walmart employees in their day to day lives and examine evidence for discrimination ( in terms of gender, ethnicity- whichever you choose). Recent reports ( your sources) accuse Walmart of discriminatory practices in the workplace, especially towards- (these aspects of the population.) This is an important topic because unfair treatment in the workplace can result in physical and mental health problems for workers. In addition, it shows how social stratification due to gender and race, ethnicity is perpetuated within corporations.
    * What is the research question you are trying to answer or investigate?For example: Are Walmart employees stratified in terms of gender and ...

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    This job examines Walmart for any evidence of discrimination.