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    HR compliance policy: Civil rights act

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    Write an example of a HR policy that shows compliance with the civil rights act of 1964&1991, and employee monitoring.

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    I am providing a sample policy. You will need to input company and any information you have to include lessons and readings. I have also included a reference you may want to look at for use in HR discrimination.

    (Company) will not practice methods of hiring based on race or religion or ethnicity. All qualified applicants will be considered in a fair and equal manner. Wages and benefits will be offered to all applicants regardless of race, religion or ethnicity equally and fairly. (Company) recognizes that diversity is an asset to the organization and therefore promotes and encourages the hiring and promoting of all employees equally. (Company) will not tolerate discrimination in any form, using any method. Findings of discrimination will cause the termination of any worker, manager, administrator immediately.
    No applicant will ...

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    A template for an HR policy that complies with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its antecedents.