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    Phonics and Reading

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    What teaching methods may help children in developing phonological awareness? Include 2 or 3 sources.

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    1. What teaching methods may help children in developing phonological awareness? Include 2 or 3 sources.


    1. Research indicates that phonological awareness can be taught and that students who increased their awareness of phonemes facilitated their subsequent reading acquisition (Lundberg et al, 1988).

    2. Teachers need to be aware of instructional activities that can help their students become aware of phonemes before they receive formal reading instruction, and they need to realize that phonemic awareness will become more sophisticated as students' reading skills develop.

    3. Spector (1995) made the following recommendations for instruction in phonemic awareness:

    (1) At the preschool level, engage children in activities that direct their attention to the sounds in words, such as rhyming and alliteration games.
    (2) Teach students to segment and blend.
    (3) ...

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    This solution explains effective teaching methods for developing phonological awareness in children.


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