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    Roles of Special Education Teacher and Promoting Collaboration

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    As a special educator, you will often be the contact person for your administration, school counselors, and other general educators on your campus. Therefore, how could you use your position to help educate all staff on campus? What would you do to help promote a climate of collaboration? Why is this important, and who benefits from this type of school climate?
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    The special education teacher has various roles and responsibilities. With the challenges of ensuring quality education for students with mild to moderate disabilities, they need to be equipped with the right education and training to perform their job effectively.
    Among their responsibilities are performing administrative duties, being mindful of the school's rules and regulations in accordance with the federal laws for the special children in the campus. They serve on the IEP team in collaboration with the teachers, administrators and parents to ensure that the goals are met. The special educator's main task is to achieve the IEP goals by becoming a resource room teacher wherein he or she is provided a chance to teach the students on life skills and behavior ...

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    Special educators roles and responsibilities are examined. The expert determines how to promote collaboration, effects and results. The solution is 422 words with 3 non-APA references.