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Best Practices for Professional Collaboration

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It is critical for educational teams to collaborate and communicate effectively in order to effectively plan and implement a student's IEP. How can I develop a guide for best practices in facilitating meaningful participation and team functioning for multi-disciplinary teams. The guide should address the following inclusion players: local education agencies, families, related staff and services, administrators, general education teachers, and special education teachers.

Create a 10- to 13-slide PowerPoint presentation: be sure to address all of the topics listed.

Grading Rubric: http://vizedhtmlcontent.next.ecollege.com/pub/content/bc2024ee-e610-4f52-a8a2-bebccbd3dc3c/Grading_Rubric_ESE633_2_Week_Two.pdf

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Here the experts demonstrates exactly how professional collaboration of a community can shares in the full learning development of children and the important roles that each member play in a learning community.

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These are the notes per slide:

Slide 1 : Intro

Slide 2:
This presentation will describe how a variety of professional skills from local education agencies, family, related staff and services, administrators, general education teachers and special education teachers prove how collaboration efforts are used to support and guide the development of multi-disciplinary meeting for students.

Slide 3
The team members are asked to engage and assume responsibility of contributing to the multidisciplinary meetings and provide various types of evidence to support and guide the education journey for the student. The team chooses a variety of people that are highly skilled and mixed expertise of evidence including internal and external markings. The practice for the team is to inform members during the meeting of the overall goal(s), from their individual professional perspective and support; to contribute and enhance the academic overall objective for the student.

Slide 4
The role of the LEA, is to discuss the overall acceptance and results of prior meeting. Share values and principles of the team that is best for the student. Discuss the functions, responsibilities and direction associated with the child. Discuss performance and feedback, ensure thoroughness and efficient approach to cost, discuss the education provided

Slide 5
The family role is more important. Families must be seen as capable of making decisions which best suit their child and family needs. Such practices emphasize the understanding of the child's ability and existing social networks of means of supporting the family in the quest to maximize the development of the child with special needs. Some family-centers don't care for too many professionals involved in their family or the care of young children with disabilities. Never ...

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