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professional atmosphere which promotes learning, professional cooperation, and collaboration

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I need to provide a professional atmosphere which promotes learning, professional cooperation, and collaboration by attempting to identify and define various critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making theories and practices which can improve effectiveness as individuals, employees, and managers.

* Identify five of the greatest challenges as college classes begin.
* Devise a five step plan for better time management.
* Research different learning styles, and based on what you know about students in college and make a recommendation to students on what may work best from these options: three senses (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic), two reasoning types (deductive and inductive), and two environments (intrapersonal and interpersonal).
* Identify three ways that student's thinking can be improved.
* Recommend the top five priorities for this weekend's activities giving students an opportunity to do all that has to be done while still having some fun as well.

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1. In terms of greatest challenges, these are ones I note about college students:
Challenge of leaving home and family life
Challenge of learning new study habits and having more difficult classes
Challenge of balancing social life and new friends with studying
Challenge of creating a routine and being responsible about going to class
Challenge of getting enough rest and not getting involved in to many extra-curriculars.
Challenge of finding time to diet right and exercise.

2. Five step ...

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