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Coordination, Cooperation, and Collaboration

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Describe the differences between coordination, cooperation, and collaboration.

Coordination can be both hindered and helped by the use of automation. Explain.

Personal, face-to-face contact is probably the most effective means of communicating with others to obtain coordination. Explain why.

It has been said that "people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they see, hear, and read." Discuss the implications of this finding for supervisors.

What is the impact of workplace diversity on supervisory communications?

What is the relationship between negligence and malpractice?

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Describe the differences between coordination, cooperation, and collaboration.
Collaboration pertains to gathering the right group of people with the required skills, personalities, knowledge, and chemistry for the purpose of working together and sharing commitment to work at an assigned task at hand while they are being provided with the right environment, enough tools, knowledge, proper training, and they are being facilitated so that they work together effectively as a group.

Cooperation is the foundation for a good corporate culture. It entails one to get with the group and contribute his/her highest value by thinking and working with the group. It is a means to increase socialization to belong to the group without the desire for high performance and for competition.

In coordination, each member or unit that is a part of the whole is being informed and monitored as to how and when it must act its role. Coordination ensures that everything will run smoothly at the right time, at the right place with everything doing things the right way. Without coordination, problems may arise because people and departments are not guided on what they must do, when they are going to do their tasks and they won't know the relationship between the things that they do and what the coordinated whole group must achieve.

It is in collaboration that divergent insight and spontaneity are being sought after unlike in coordination which speaks more of structure to attain harmony. In contrast to cooperation which means that one must do something for the group to show its being a member, collaboration wants to thrive on creativity and differences and the sparks of the dissent is what it requires. While the concern of cooperation and coordination is about relationships, collaboration pursues specific result by solving problems, designing new products and understanding new developments because those who collaborate always have the desire to create something that is new and unique, something innovative. Cooperation is working together to have each of their needs to be served and acquired while in collaboration, the members work together to create something of higher value.

Coordination can be both hindered and helped by the use of automation. Explain.
Recent studies have revealed that different forms of automation have different effects on teamwork, communication and ...

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Differences between coordination, cooperation and collaboration, explanation why face-to-face contact is the most effective means to communicate, implication of a finding, workplace diversity and communication, and relationship between negligence and malpractice. References included.

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