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Business Collaborations and Proposal Elements

This posting briefly describes the collaboration process and some of the more effective components to include in a business proposal.

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As you describe the collaboration process, please note that this topic so quite extensive. It also varies according to business type, so please allow my notes to offer a general overview:

First, please describe the collaboration process as interactive, engaging, and creative. It also is described as a problem-solving tool. Research also refers to it as "the process of shared creation" (hdcs.fullerton.edu/faculty/orozco/lecturecollaboration.html).

As you describe the process, the process is often easily remembered as the 4 Cs: "communication = an exchange of information, cooperation = limited interaction for individual agency interests, coordination = increased interaction for shared interests, and collaboration = shared creation" (http://hdcs.fullerton.edu/faculty/orozco/lecturecollaboration.html).

The process also involves understanding the members or team, ...

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