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    Google's Intellectual Capital

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    Compare and contrast two types of intellectual capital involved in the case and how the intellectual capital relates to the organization's innovation.

    (Please address two business collaborations and licensing agreements.)

    “Google Inc.”
    by Benjamin Edelman, Thomas R. Eisenmann

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    Google's Intellectual Capital

    Business collaborations are two or more businesses that work together to achieve a common goal. When organizations work together to realize their shared goals; when the intersection of the common goals is such that sharing of intellectual capital becomes important, a formal business collaboration is entered into. There are two types of collaborations. The first is vertical where the firm collaborates with suppliers and with distributors/retailer. The other form of business collaboration is between competitors. Such a collaboration may lead to prices setting and greater control over the market. We consider the example given in the case of Google. There was a collaboration between Microsoft and Yahoo which was partnership that would place Microsoft ads on Yahoo's result pages. This is the second type of ...

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