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    Collaboration Techniques

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    What collaboration techniques may facilitate collaboration? What technologies may aid collaboration? Provide examples.

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    To collaborate means to work with other people to achieve a desired objective via cooperation. In literary work when one is 'collaborating' it means that authors are working together to produce a body of work, paper, novel or research. In the workplace, the meaning remains the same - colleagues cooperate and work together to achieve a desired goal/result (i.e. the Marketing and Sales Department collaborated with the Accounting Department to come up with the figures). Collaboration however is not easy especially when parties feel that the reward does not outweigh the need to cooperate and reach a consensus. Collaboration in the workplace is an important event and technique to put in place as part of an organization's methods in getting things done. The key is to find the right tools and techniques that build coordination partnerships. Expanding team/group skills allows teams to explore and appreciate the potential of working together, maintaining alliances, resolving potential conflicts and managing dissent. Some of these techniques include:

    1. Planning & managing the ...

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