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    1. How would you define "collaboration?" Describe an example of effective collaboration from your own experience.

    What collaboration tools are you currently using?

    What collaboration tools that you are NOT currently using would help you to be more productive in your work environment?

    2. Visit a retail web site that uses a collaboration communications tool (such as Zappos, QVC, HSN, for example) and summarize your impressions.

    Identify and briefly describe four types of B2B web sites. Provide examples for each. In what ways does a B2B site need to operate differently than a B2C site?

    What are some of the issues or problems associated with setting up and operating an e-commerce site?

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    //The paper will discuss about collaboration. This will be explained with the help of an example of the recent times. Along with this, the general tools which are employed for collaboration purpose in the present business scenario will also be discussed.//


    This is the era of rise of competitive collaboration. Collaboration can be defined as the act of working together for the mutual benefit of each other. Rather than benefits, collaboration is more oriented towards the avoidance of threats and risks. Collaboration is an association in which two or more organizations work in consonance with each other for the fulfillment of common goals. Collaborations are strategically planned. They can be of permanent nature or can be temporary. Most of the successful collaborations are a result of effective leadership. Leadership provides guidelines for the collaborating companies for the alignment of the activities and streamlining of the business operations (Burton, 2005).

    Collaboration and tools of Collaboration

    It is an evident fact, that teams working in collaboration are more efficient and provide better and prompt results. Organized ways to collaborate provide an opportunity to the companies for self inspection. This increases the probability of increasing the success rate of the operations within the organizations. There is cut throat competition in the marketplace. To survive in such an environment, lot many organizations choose to collaborate. There are several examples of collaborative efforts. Collaboration of dell with Google to compete in the mobile phone industry will be a remarkable step. As per the information from the wall street journal, Dell computers will use the software developed by Google. The phone will be named as 'Smart phone'. They will utilize the network provider as AT & T. This collaboration will help Dell to show a presence in the mobile handset market (Google in collaboration with computer maker Dell to launch 'smart phone', 2009).

    There are various techniques which are employed for collaboration. These are the strategic alliances which are opted from time to time depending upon the situation. There are different situations in the competitive world which can be encountered with the help of the collaborations. The equity and non-equity strategic alliances are two broad categories of collaborations. There are several forms of collaborations such as mergers, acquisitions and so on. Companies, on time to time basis, utilize the most suitable tool for the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

    //Till now, the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1499 words with references.