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    Early Childhood Teacher Salaries vs. Needs of Families

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    Meet the needs of family and still provide a decent wage for teachers in a day care center in Orlando fl. Need examples of benefits that can be offered, or reasons why if not offered, calculation of tuition rates and process for increasing rates, plan for overcoming teacher turnover, and ways to ensure quality of educational experience of the children and families.

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    I chose to answer this question because I have been teaching child care for more than 25 years. I am a strong advocate for worthy wages for child care teachers and I also strongly believe in the importance of quality child care for children and families. Unfortunately, without government financial support, it is very difficult to provide a quality child care experience while providing appropriate salaries and benefits for the teachers and administrators.

    I have a few suggestions for ways that you can balance the needs of children, families and staff members:
    *Think about the ages of the children in the center. Infants will cost the child care center the most money because they require at least one teacher for every three infants. This is according to standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Toddlers (21-36 months) can have one teacher for every six children. Young Preschool children (2 ½-3 years old) can have one teacher for every 9 children. Preschool children (4-5 years) can have one teacher for every 10 children. If your center is going to make money, you will need to either have fewer infant classrooms or charge much higher rates for infant care. I would suggest limiting the infant enrollment to one classroom of six infants, and charging those families a bit more than the toddler or ...

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    In this answer, I discuss some ways that child care centers can balance the needs of families and children while still providing worthy wages for their staff members. I also share some ways to reduce staff turnover. This answer refers to the state of Florida, because that is where the original questioner lives. However, the information is valid for other states in the United States as well as Canada.