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    Daily life of an early childhood educator

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    I needed help with these three question.

    What are the daily processes and routines families goes through as they come to and leave your program each day? What is the purpose behind these?

    What aspects of the physical, social, and emotional environments support respect for families and welcome their diverse characteristics and abilities?

    What skills and dispositions should early childhood practitioners possess in order to create and maintain collaborative relationships with the families?

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    I work in a child care facility in the older toddler room. So my answers are from that perspective. However, all of the rooms have the same type of procedures.

    At drop off, parents are to check their mailboxes for any important papers. When they enter the room they are greeted by a teacher and asked how their child's night and morning was. Any pertinent information is exchanged. The parent drops off any supplies that they brought with them and signs in their child. The parent then takes the child's name and places it on the board so the teacher knows the child is "in". At the end of the day, it is very similar. The parent is greeted and told about the child's ...

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    A look into the life of an early childhood educator and the practices put in place to enhance the parent/teacher relationship.