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    The Reflective Early Childhood Educator

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    How does one prepare a profile of a professional educator's role as a reflective practitioner/early childhood educator, in areas of reflection, practice and learning systems?

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    It is very common for employers to ask employees to be introspective and report what he or she feels is an area for self-improvement. In most schools this writer has seen, teacher evaluations required the teacher to react to the observations and there is a record of both the administrator's view, along with that of the teacher. The reason this could be mutually productive is because an administrator only sees a limited view of what happens daily.

    The problem is that in a day and week, so many things happen that often one forgets finite details, due to so many demands on a teacher. As is noted at http://www.education.umd.edu/teacher_education/sthandbook/reflection.html, becoming a ...

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    Preparing a professional educator to be a reflective practitioner in early childhood education is discussed.