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    Family Child Care - Parent Involvement and Educational Outcomes

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    1. Research and select an article on family influence on children's learning and/or social adjustment that interests you. 2. Provide a summary of the article and critique the information with supporting explanations. 3. Connect research to Chapters 5 and 13 of the text: Amatea, E. S. (2013). Building culturally responsive family-school relationships (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education.
    ISBN-10: 0205523641. Include all resource used in the body of the paper.

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    An article in the July 1, 2008 edition of the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, discusses the long-term effects of prenatal drug use on the children. The article discusses the Maternal Lifestyle Study, a longitudinal research study of children who were prenatally exposed to cocaine. This research study was conducted at four Universities in cooperation, which are Brown University, University of Miami, Wayne State University, and the University of Tennessee at Memphis, and consisted of 943 children, 7 years of age to ascertain connection with outcomes in special education (SE); in areas such as language and speech assistance, SE conditions, availability of SE classes, support services, and the use of individualized education plans (IEP). Covariates that were also considered in this study were environmental, low IQ, maternal, and medical variables in infancy (1).

    The results showed that when the covariates of low IQ and prenatal cocaine exposure were controlled, there was a substantial effect on the IEP of a student. When the model did not factor in the low IQ of a child, prenatal exposure to cocaine had a substantial effect on support services. Low birth rate and low IQ had a major effect on all areas of special ...

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    Discusses an article regarding how prenatal drug use can affect a child long-term. Referenced used.