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    Survey Instruments

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    I need assistance on a research problem. I am practicing my dissertation process and want to be clear about my knowledge of each component of the process. The purpose of this activity is I have to design a survey instrument. I want to select an existing public domain survey from the list that corresponds to the topic of interest and use it to design my own survey instrument. The public domain surveys are:

    Panel Study of Income Dynamics
    National Longitudinal Surveys
    Wisconsin Longitudinal Surveys
    Health and Retirement Study
    National Longitudinal Studies of Adolescent Health
    United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service Data Sets.
    The Commonwealth Fund: All Surveys
    The Survey System(Calculator)

    In designing the survey instrument these five areas should be included:
    1.One research question and appropriate hypothesis.
    2. Identify the independent and dependent variables.
    3.Provide operational definitions for your independent, dependent, and any extraneous or control variables.
    4. Identify the questions that address the operational definitions for the variables.
    5.Determine an appropriate sampling strategy. Use the Sample Size Calculator that is The Survey System on the Creative Research Systems website to determine the overall population size, actual sample size, confidence level, and confidence interval.

    The research problem is attached.

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    Type of Survey Instrument

    After much deliberation, I have decided to utilize the principles offered by the 'Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)'; while it is an extensive research instrument utilized by the Survey Research Center of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, the world's longest running since 1968, certain principles from it can be adopted to establish an extremely relevant Panel Study of Families in Poverty with a special focus on their ability to provide support to the education of their children can be undertaken as well. If an annual panel study can be conducted with a good sampling of families in states and across the nation, it will allow us a rated survey of current trends in terms of issues as well as changes and development. It will keep concerned agencies and stakeholders informed with their hand upon the pulse of the true state of education in America as it relates to the life chances of children from poor families. The key in PSID is the continued collection of data throughout the year. As such, I need to identify the information that must be collected and would be relevant to my study. I intend to keep the information simple to make data collection simple and regular as well.


    Prior to designing the information that needs to be collected, it is important to identify and get the consent of the participants. I am going to collect, as test period information over one school year. Eventually, I would like to collect information one school year after the other ensuring that a good sampling participates in the information collection effort. My Participants will be a selection of families from the communities I serve as a social worker. I have already gotten permission from my supervisor and the district manager as my study will also be relevant to them in terms of keeping note of important information. All I need to do now is to contact each family and ask if they would wish to participate. Each participating family is rewarded extra-financial aid as their participant and cooperation means they will have to spend sometime with me for a period of time. ...

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