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Developing a Psychological Scale

Test Development
1) Develop a 7-8 item psychological test on a specific construct of interest; your choice may consist of the following; for example, (short term memory, social anxiety, job satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, etc.). Construct the items for the test (can be either in multiple choice, true/false, rating scale, or open ended question format). Administer the test to at least 2-3 individuals (family members, friends, etc.). Provide a brief summary/interpretation of the results.
**Please be sure to include the test items and responses from the individuals to whom you administered the test.
*APA formatting only - Title page; Abstract and Reference page


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Using the construct of 'job satisfaction', the following will get you started with some ideas on the process of designing an instrument.

When constructing an instrument measuring a latent construct such as job satisfaction it is important to conduct a review of the literature in order to explore what instruments may already exist. Part of reviewing these instruments in the literature involves determining the level of construct validity and reliability of the instrument. Does the instrument truly measure what it seeks to measure? Does it perform similarly across different individuals and populations- do the results maintain patterns? Pett, Lackey, & Sullivan (2003) argue that, "When we develop a scale, we are less interested in the scale items than we are in the construct they purport to measure." (p. 16). ...

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Provides step by step explanation of how to identify a psychological construct and scale to measure the construct. Includes references.