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How accurate is the QLQ Social Desirability Scale results?

The QLQ report provides a Social Desirability Scale, intended to assess whether the test taker responded truthfully. Typically this scale has produced questionable results for counsellors, counselling students, and other helping professionals. Do you believe this scale is measuring truthful responses or something else? Can you also discuss the pros and cons of building in "lie detectors."

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All assessments contain a measure of human bias whether one is taking a personality test, psychological test, an assessment that measures the individual's quality of life or taking a lie detector test. Assessment questions are thought of by men and women who have their own unique personalities, thoughts and ideas. While these individuals have worked hard to make the assessments as unbiased and accurate as possible each test is not without flaws. This is especially true when the results are interpreted without other information relevant to the individual, such as the person's history, socio-economic status, physical health and stress factors in their life. According to Evans and Cope (2004) the quality of life ...

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This solution is comprised of over 400 words including references, on the accuracy of the QLQ Social Desirability Scale assessment results. Includes the positives and negatives of lie detectors within the assessment.