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Market Research Implentation Plan

Develop at least two survey instruments based on online surveys and focus groups (would like to use semantic differentials and questionnaires). Recommend sampling procedures for the implementation of the survey instruments.
FYI: along with these instruments, samples of the new product line of juices will be used and promotional coupons with a purchase as sampling tactics. (See background info below already completed to aid with problem).

*Background information/Scenario: Starbucks is considering introducing a new fresh fruit juice product line to the market.

*Target market (s): Offering fresh fruit and vegetable juices opens at least two market niches for the company - everyone who attempts to live a healthy lifestyle and families.

*Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices from produce that is locally grown and purchased)

*Competitors: e.g. Jamba Juice and Robeks

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This is a mix of of quantitative and qualitative research methodology.

What I would do is first recruit for the quantitative, the semantic differential section of the research. This is what I would do. In each of the niche markets, I would print a website linked to an online survey, on the back of each receipt that is printed when a drink if ordered. So when someone purchases their grande latte, the barista will inform them of the survey. So they look at the back of their receipt, and they can enter the info on their computer, and they will be brought to the survey webpage. They will also be asked to check a box if they are willing to participate in future research.

This is a great idea to easily recruit people, especially if we offer an incentive such as a 1 in 3 chance of winning a free drink. People will be motivated to go to the survey. As well, we will probably attract ...

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The solution examines market research implementation plans. The expert develops at least two survey instruments based on online surveys and focus groups.