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Campbell interest and skill survey

Describe the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Developed by David Campbell

Did you describe the instrument (what kind of questions, how many questions, what scales or dimensions it measures)?

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Hi and thank you for your trust. The solution below should get you started. I have reviewed the problem you indicated and I am assuming that you need help in describing the instruments that is used in the CISS method. Since you did not indicate the kind of research you are doing, I am assuming that you as yet do not have this so that the answers that you need are from a general viewpoint. Good luck with your studies.

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CISS Instruments

The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey developed by Prof. David Campbell is a tool that is utilised for the purpose of self-assessment to pinpoint the interests and career path one can have based on their responses to a series of 320-questions. The ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advice on the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (see above) and the instruments utilized in it. A discussion of tge importance of the survey is also included. Resources are listed.