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    Write a paper that summarizes the three articles and explore how the research might assist in resolving your work setting or work experience challenges. Use APA formatting throughout the paper, including citations and reference listings.

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    Concerns are growing daily as the problems within our educational community continue to rise. Among them, several issues begin to stand out more than others. Congresses "No Child Left Behind Act", Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and today's parental involvement in their child's education. The issues with today's American educational system is lengthy to say the least. The articles discussed will provide an idea that will barely scratch the surface, yet allow for a better understanding of what lies behind the problems. The researchers are diligant at their work and continue to look for a solution.
    The problem is that education is not affordable or acheivable for everyone who wants an education. "A Diversity of Voices for a Balanced Debate" by Kathy Chrisite, who is vice president for Knowledge Management and the Education Commission of the States Clearinghouse, uses quotes from various sources to explain the thoughts of "No Child Left Behind," and the actions, or lack there of, that "stem" outside of the consensus parameters (Chrisitie, 2007). The article reviews various topics with a select census group which include Rethinking the system, parent involvement, student achievment, kids behind, teaching, curriculum, and teacher wages. The consensus that reported on "No Child Left Behind," came to the same conclusion that there is plenty of changes that need to happen to make ...

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