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Egyptology Article Summary

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Archaeology article summary & abstract. I need help in putting together a summary of an Egyptology article. Thank you.

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The article summary offered below consists of less than 500 words as befit a summary (if an Abstract is what you needed, I have also included a short one underneath the Summary). Since the article did not indicate the author and title of as well as publishing details, please fill in the sections indicated below accordingly. Good luck and thank you for using Brainmass.

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Summary: Egyptian Artefacts

The article discusses details and facts about Egyptian funeral practices and culture based on the symbolism and stories told and implied via the manner of creation and ...

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The solution comes in two parts - a summary in 381 words of an attached archaeology article on Egyptology and a 60-word abstract of the article. This solution will be useful to students looking for academic samples of writing archaeology article summaries and abstracts for research papers and essays. A word version of the solution is attached.

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