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    Guidelines for Summarizing Information

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    I have two articles that I have to summarize and am looking for a list of guidelines to follow. Can you provide a form of tips or guidelines in an easy to follow format of what to include and exclude for this assignment (i.e., title, heading, how to begin, structure, examples, etc.). Thanks.

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    Summarizing an article is not as easy as it looks. Many people fall into the trap of taking bits and pieces of the original article and recopying or rewriting this information into a brief paragraph.
    By doing this, you risk plagiarizing. To avoid copying someone else's work, here are some tips.

    1. Read and re-read the text several times to understand the general content.
    2. Now put the text aside and try to write down as many facts as you can remember - WITHOUT using the original article.
    3. Re-read the ...

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    This solution provides guidelines for summarizing research and what to include and exclude i.e., title, heading, how to begin, structure, examples, etc.)