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Parental Involvement in Child's Early Intervention Team

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What is the role of parents on their child's early intervention team?What are some advantages/disadvantages/challenges of family involvement?

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What is the role of parents on their child's early intervention team?
What are some advantages/disadvantages/challenges of family involvement?

To be sure that the members of a family are knowledgeable about their right, it is important that they understand the early intervention system as well as what their role is within the early intervention team. Parents need to understand that they also make decisions within the early intervention process (advantage).

The role of parents in their child's early intervention team is multifaceted. Due to the legality of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), parents are actually expected to play a very important role in the early intervention process. However, this does not mean that forming partnerships that encourage them to do so is always easy (challenge). Educators need to be able ...

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