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Childhood IQ parental influences/ intelligence in early childhood

Parental influences on childhood intelligence in early childhood are listed.

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It is well established, scientifically, that the early years are critical in the formation of intelligence, personality, and social behavior, and that the effects of early neglect can be cumulative. Research would suggest that there are critical points in children's development where it is important to ensure that children are having the kinds of experiences that support their growth and development.

Children are born with physical, social and psychological capacities allowing them to communicate, learn and develop. If these capacities are not recognized and supported they will wither rather than improve.

Children whose caregivers interact with them in consistent, caring ways will be better nourished and less apt to be sick than children who do not receive such care.

Establishing a loving relationship in the early months of life has been shown to affect the ability later in life of a person to love and to establish permanent relationships.

Longitudinal studies demonstrate long-term effects with a variety of intervention programmes. These effects go beyond the learning of basic abilities to include: improved school attendance and performance, reduced repetition, increased ...

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