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Eligibility Requirements for Serving Infants and Toddlers

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According to IDEA 2004, what are the legal guidelines and eligibility requirements for provisions of serving infants and toddlers?

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Early Intervention as outlined by IDEA Section C is when schools and local municipalities begin to provide educational services and support to children ages 3 and under, including newborns. The child must show developmental delays or have already been diagnosed with a condition that will undoubtedly cause developmental delays in the future. The child must have a physical or medical condition that will cause delays in their development, such as down syndrome and spina bifida. The child can also have an existing delay that has already been identified. The main purpose of early ...

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This solution explains the legal guidelines that must be followed in determining if an infant or toddler is eligible for special education services under IDEA's 2004 guidelines. This solution is 339 words and includes one reference.

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