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    Criminal inequalities within the justice system

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    Would a death sentence in John's case result in specific or general deterrence? To other officers? To the community in general? To other criminals? How does the data measure up to the myths and misconceptions generally held about capital punishment?

    What types of crimes are punished by death in Michigan state?

    How humane is capital punishment?

    Can capital punishment be administered without prejudice?

    What does it cost to execute someone?

    Based on recent statistical data and findings, how often are innocent people given the death sentence and/or executed?

    Should everyone be a candidate for capital punishment or should some people be exempt based on their position in the society? Are there any other factors that should be considered in exempting people from or applying the death penalty?
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    Which theoretical view best explains the realities of the case based upon your findings? Should John be prosecuted using due process, crime control, the systems, or any other theoretical approach? Considering that the case has diversity issues as well as oppressive overtones, which approach will ensure justice for the victim's parents?

    Due process is most applicable because due process gives the officer an opportunity to defend against the accusations while receive the same judicial prosecution as any other citizen. Due process ensures that both the victims' parents and the alleged defendant receive equal justice.

    Can the existing theories of justice and equality be converged with the actual practices in the criminal justice system? Will this ensure justice for the victim's parents or for John?

    The actual practices the criminal justice system are unjust and not fair. The system is predicated upon those with higher socioeconomic ...

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    Criminal inequalities within the justice system are discussed.