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Juvenile Justice Reform Speech

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Help me prepare a speech on juvenile justice reform. You must use Monroe's Motivated Sequence and the Persuasive Outline guide posted online to develop your ideas. There should be a clear introduction, transitions and conclusion in the speech. The conclusion should include a specific request of tangible action from the audience to complete the motivated sequence.

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The expert prepares a speech of juvenile justice reform.

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Reforming Our Expectations About Juvenile Justice. By: Rodriguez, Pamela F.; Baille, Daphne M. Reclaiming Children & Youth. Summer 2010, Vol. 19 Issue 2, p43-46. 4p

A Blueprint for Juvenile Justice Reform - Youth Transition Funders www.ytfg.org/.../Platform_Juvenile_Justice.pdf

JUVENILE JUSTICE REFORM 2.0. By: Birckhead, Tamar R. Journal of Law & Policy. 2011, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p15-62


The Juvenile Justice System in America is broken and needs to be fixed. This is YOUR problem as well as mine because ineffective and unequal juvenile justice policies result in future adults who will become criminals and a part of a broken adult prison system. Your neighborhoods, schools, and communities are affected by this problem as well as mine. This is an issue that will not go away because juveniles become adults, and if they do not receive the proper treatment as juveniles, they will have a high probability of becoming integrated into the adult penal system.

2.Need: Let me EXPLAIN the problem.

The problem facing juvenile justice in America is predicated upon several issues with racial inequality being the most pressing. Juveniles from minority backgrounds are more likely to be placed in juvenile detention, be arrested, and implemented into the juvenile justice system formally. This formal implementation that is unequally distributed by race wherein whites are informally dealt with as juveniles and minorities are treated as criminals has terrible consequences for society.

Currently juvenile justice does not represent the reality in America. The majority of juveniles commit the same status offenses and delinquent offenses that are minor in nature. Many of these offenses are only criminal because of the age of the offender. Research has consistently proven that juveniles from all ethnic backgrounds commit similar rates of delinquency yet the majority of juveniles who are in formally inducted into the juvenile justice system are minority. Over 100,000 juveniles are arrested, detained, and sentenced under the juvenile courts each year, and the disproportionate majority of these juveniles are minorities.

To add insult to ...

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