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Criminology and Ethics in Criminal Justice

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#1: Using legal, political, sociological, and psychological perspectives from your text, how would each view the link between crime and deviance?

#2: What is the difference between using scientific knowledge versus personal experience to understand crime patterns?
Ethics in criminal justice

Question 1: Do you believe that your values make a difference in today's system of justice? Provide Discussion examples and explain your answer. Explain how Aristotle and Plato associated status with justice. Has it changed today?

Question 2: Compare and contrast utilitarianism and deontology. Which of the two do you feels explains human behavior most effectively? Why?

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The following posting discusses criminology and ethics in criminal justice.

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#1: Using legal, political, sociological, and psychological perspectives from your text, how would each view the link between crime and deviance?

Sociology is the study of human behavior and how the environment impacts the behavior of humans. Within the sociological discipline areas of concern include family upbringing, socioeconomic status, and other variables within the societal context that help assist researchers in explaining crime or why people commit crime. Many sociologists believe that crime results from the inequalities present throughout society including a lack of quality education for many citizens, lack of healthcare, and lack of jobs. To negate these inequalities, some people resort to behavior that is criminal to survive. From the sociological vantage point, if the political establishments began to provide more equal opportunities for all citizens, the crime rate would drop because people would have less incentive to commit criminal behavior.

Politics has played a role in the criminal vernacular from the vantage point that the laws that are created are the precedents that establish what behavior is criminal. Therefore, for an action to be considered a crime, a legislative process must first emerge that outlaws this behavior in society, which results in the behavior being penalized when a citizen engages in the said behavior. The political process is the first step within the criminal justice system because this is where the laws are created. From a psychological vantage point in explaining crime, the criminal is committing crimes because of their mental illness ...

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