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This post addresses HR's seat at the big table.

We are having a briefing at work based on these questions.

Many believe that from a strategic perspective, HR needs to have a seat at the big table in today's organizations. We have also seen that in many, (if not most) organizations, this is not where HR is configured. Many reasons have been cited for this. Describe and defend what you believe are the 3 most critical reasons for this reality. Outline steps which must be taken to remedy this situation.

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The first main way to correct this is to better integrate HR functions with the rest of the organization. By doing so, the HR department becomes just as interactive as the other departments. It gives the company's management and the employees the opportunity to see how HR can add value to the firm, and the specific strategies that they can support. Many times, HR isn't given a seat at the main table because management is not aware of the full capability that HR can provide. This goes in conjunction with HR ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion explaining reasons why HR is not configured to have a seat at the big table in organizations. Also discussed are the steps that must be taken to remedy the situation.