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Human Resource: Strategic Role of HR and Administrative Role

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I need to answer this two questions...

Research by Lawler and Mohrman (2003) indicated that from 1995 to the latest survey, HR only spent about 23% of its time on the strategic role and the administrative role only decreased slightly.

1.Why do you think that the time spent on the strategic role of HR has not increased at a faster rate?

2.Why do you think that the time spent on the administrative role has only slightly decreased even though outsourcing of administrative activities has increased dramatically since 1995?

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1. HR Strategic Role

Except in those companies who know that their people are their competitive advantage, HR leaders have not been successful in obtaining a seat at the strategy table.

In too many companies, HR is viewed as an obstacle not an asset. HR is perceived as being too bureaucratic, the source of ineffective rules, and does not help in ...

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This solution of 224 words explains the importance of the strategic role of HR and why time spent on administrative role only slightly decreased even though outsourcing increased.

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