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    Relational database

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    Describe how the following information about airlines, flights (for a particular day), and passengers would be represented in a relational database:
    Airlines: Clear Sky, Long Hop, and Tree Top
    Flights for Clear Sky: CS205, CS37, CS 102
    Flights for Long Hop: LH67, LH89
    Flights for Tree Top: TT331, TT809
    Smith has reservations on CS205 (seat 12b), CS37(seat 18c), and LH(seat 14b)
    Baker has reservations on CS37 (seat18b), and LH89 (seat 14b)
    Clark has reservations on LH67 (seat 5a), and TT331 (seat 4b)

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    We need to build three tables in a relational database.
    1. Airline (AID, AName), AID is the primary key of the table
    Here is the content of the table.
    AID AName
    CS Clear Sky
    LH Long Hop
    TT ...

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    The expert describes how information about airlines, flights and passengers would be represented in a relational database.