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Conflict between Management And Human Resources Personnel

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Critical Thinking Questions

1. What seems to be the main source of conflict between supervisors and the HR department and Sands Corporation? Explain.

2. Do you believe that managers should be given more autonomy to make personnel decisions such as hiring, appraising, and compensating subordinates? If so, what are some potential drawbacks to granting them this authority? Explain.

3. How should Sands top executives deal with the complaints expressed by supervisors? How should the director of the HR department deal with the situation? Explain.

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1. The main source of the conflict between supervisors and the HR department at Sands Corporation, is the fact that the HR department and the supervisors have not met together in order to determine the best methodology by which to carry out each of their objectives, in a manner that is mutually beneficial. The lack of communication between the supervisors and the HR department before the implementation of specific policies and procedures that were implemented by the HR department, have caused a number of problems between these two departments. It is essential that the HR department confer with supervisors in order to develop a methodology by which to carry out their objectives, in a manner that is not ...

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