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    Develop a Global Staffing Strategy

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    Please identify steps that you would take to develop a comprehensive staffing strategy. Please explain each step.

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    1. Identify the Industry and Countries
    2. Evaluation of the HR Challenges and the Organization's Overall Effectiveness
    3. Determine Staffing Best Practices
    4. Conduct an HR Audit and Review/Revise the Organizational Structure
    5. The Restructuring and Audit Process

    Identify the Industry and Countries
    Since you are in the industry you should have a good idea about what you do, your competition, and where to do business best. If not, a quick search of EBSCOhost pulled up Economist, a UK "weekly newsmagazine of world politics and current affairs, business, finance and science." This publication seems to be a good source to identify "movers and shakers" around the world as far as countries go. Locating a good match for what you do and where they can do it better or as good is important to maintaining your business model.

    Evaluation of the HR Challenges and the Organization's Overall Effectiveness
    India seems to be a meca for IT businesses making it a prime subject for inspection. Sanjeevan Valanju, VP of Business Initiatives with SKP Group (a firm that helps business set up shop in India) wrote an article on subcontinental selection. The article (Financial Magazine, April 2006) covers many of the challenges facing HR and how "[h]iring people for any ...

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    This solution contains the steps needed for the development of a comprehensive staffing strategy.