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    Human Resources: International

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    Request assistance with the following scenario.

    As head of Human Resources of a major company, your organization is moving into international operations. Describe how you will approach the issue of strategic compensation in an international setting. What are three important issues you need to address here?

    Require 2-3 paragraphs with in text citation and reference.

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    Strategic compensation in an international setting will be approached from the perspective of having integrated operations throughout the world. The strategy will be to provide regionally and globally aligned compensation, bonus, and benefits. The strategy will comply with legal requirements and restrictions imposed by countries in which the employees are located (1). The strategy will be to retain the competitive edge for talent and at the same time complying with the laws in those countries. In an international setting, several non-American employees have to be ...

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    Human Resources in international context is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.