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Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed Methods Problem Statement

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Is the following a problem/purpose statement for a Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed Methods Problem Statement?

As airlines continue to merge, smaller airlines and formerly industry leaders are forced to reevaluate their business models. They need to reexamine their competitive advantage, their method of services delivery, and their customer service (Balmer, Stuart & Greyser, 2009). Competitive industries, such as airlines force service to become a primary objective. But the costs must be controlled. This is especially true with fuel prices on the rise. The problem for British Airways is how to regain market share, and provide services that set them apart among the highly competitive airlines industry (Tan, Liu, Lim, Liow & Goy, 2009).

The purpose of this study is to understand the competitive advantages most sought out by flyers. The different methods of delivery, and levels and types of customer service that attract customers are areas to examine. To understand these elements considered important by the flying public will help British Airways design a business model that is both competitive and appealing to consumers. The ability to attract consumers will also help alleviate the issues of costs and the high cost of fuel because more people on the flights mean more profits to work with for the company (Nicolini & Salini, 2006).

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I would say that it is qualitative. This study is concerned with the quality of customer service, the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives that consumers have about the different airlines. This study ...

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Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods for problem statements are provided in the solution. Highly competitive airline industries are provided.

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