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How to Write a Purpose Statement for Research Essays

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How to develop a purpose statement for research writing

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Purpose statements provide a rationale for the study. It states why the research selected the topic and what the researcher hopes to accommplish through conducting the study. Additionally, the purpose statement supports the other components of the research and indicates the direction of the study. As it relates to the purpose statement and the introduction, while the purpose statement is slightly compressed containing all vital information, the introduction is a summary of the study. Its purpose is to introduce the elements of the study and preparing the reader for what is to come.

Depending on which research method you choose, the answers to the questions you posted will vary. I will provide a brief description concerning the details of the purpose statement for each method. You may derive your answers from there.

Does the statement begin with signaling words? If so, what are they?
Does the statement identify the strategy of inquiry?
Does the statement mention the participants?
Does the statement mention the research site?

Qualitative Research

The purpose statement uses dilberate phrasing to alert the reader to the ...

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