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Statement of Purpose for graduate School Ph.D. Program/Goal Statement

Good Day,
Need help on my Goal statement, will be done with my Master in May, My major Water resources engineering (GPA 3.5) and like to apply for PhD program, in the same school. subject related to water pollution related to chemicals spills from Nuclear power plant or any other infrastructures.(To work with one of my professors, whom I did good in his courses, and he knows me well) How water effect human health.
A page or two and please let me know Credits # you ask for?

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When writing (your) purpose statement it is imperative that the statement possess the following elements to ensure that you represent yourself as a viable candidate for the graduate research position you are attempting to obtain. The main objectives of the purpose statement are to elucidate upon why you have you want the graduate degree, the specific goals that you have for and beyond graduate study, how you have been academically prepared to reach the specific goals that you have, and the tangible experiences that you previously have had to help prepare (you) for the graduate program. The applicant must write the purpose statement in the paradigm that details why (you) should be admitted to the graduate program and what qualities and expertise you feel that (you) can contribute to the program.

To accomplish this, (you) must ensure that the purpose statement is concise, organized, clear, honest, personal, and positive. Only (you) know what (you) have invested in regard to time and effort, personal sacrifice, and overall academic ...

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