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Leadership Framework Matrix

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Please help developing a Leadership Framework Matrix on the British Airways that must also entail 3-5 leadership theories that are relevant to the British Airways organization.

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The leadership role is imperative for the success of the business operations to obtained premium brand identity and brand equity with their customers. Thus, the objective is to having a strong leadership team that fosters a method towards making decisions and resolving issues that brings forth a positive productive outcome. Within the Airlines Industry, the complexities in managing operations varied greatly due to region depending on their targeted consumer traveler. In the case with British Airways, the leadership role has to demonstrate a diversified approach to dealing with competition, internal operation conflicts, resources, and pricing index to succeed. Let's take a look at a leadership framework matrix and 3 leadership theories:

- Leadership Framework Matrix - British Airways

The management team at British Airways demonstrates a consistency in a high performance business model by building internal and external partnerships to sustain a strong consumer market share within the marketplace. Thus, the leadership decision making model is based on research and comprises to ensure the best arrangement of agreements serves all entities. For instance, according to British Airways (2013), the new strategy of Compete 2012 actually deals with changing the organization focus to leaner operations with distinctive high-performing culture based on an agile structure.

Keep mind, the main points with framing the true concepts of the Leadership Framework concerning British Airways or any similar organization by the chosen business model (theories of strategy of approach) striving to adapt to the current market. The ability to reassess is critical operations proficiencies from an internal aspect is in redesigning the leadership response to the targeted audience and competitive situation for sustain dominance within the market. In the case of British Airlines, the strategies by leadership are on a method of great customer focus and the governance through an agile structure for providing a restructuring all avenues of ...

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