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Sales Promotion Strategies

Discuss sales promotion strategies, and an analysis of the trends of technology that could be used to communicate value.

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Sales Promotion Strategies:

1. Push strategy - The manufacturer of the product convinces the intermediary channel members to "push" or promote the product through their distribution channels to the customers. Among the push strategy tactics are free trials, buy-back guarantees, allowances, etc.
2. Pull strategy - The manufacturer focuses its marketing efforts to stimulate demand for the product and it attempts to make the consumers "pull" the product from the marketing channel.
3. Combination of push and pull strategies - The manufacturer advertises the product and the retailers reinforce promotion through cash-back offers, incentives for dealers, etc.

With the recent trends in technology including social networks which have become a mainstream means for communication, one could conclude that an organization needs to learn how to use these new trends as a resource in strategic planning and aligning business objectives. The trend is rapidly changing and companies need to prepare for upcoming changes in a very short period of time. They need to understand how to use these technologies to their advantage in communicating, collaborating, and connecting with fellow managers, employees and customers.

Social networking applications have managed customer relationships and connectivity. An example of this is the way companies ...

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