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Sales Promotion for a new product

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Imagine that you own your own company and have just invented a new consumer or commercial product (please be as creative as you like here). You are very excited and want to get the word out to the rest of the world so you can start on your road to riches.

Write a paper in which you:

1. Briefly describe your new product.

2. Develop a sales promotion concept.

3. Explain how you will leverage personal relations to promote your product.

4. Devise a publicity strategy for your new product.

5. Explain the best way to use personal selling specific to your product.

6. Explain why these promotional activities working together would be effective in supporting the launch of the new product.

**Please include 2-3 references in APA format

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Sales promotion for a new product is examined. The expert develops a sales promotion concept.

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Product description:

The new product is a convenience product that aims to provide consumers to improve on their diet. The product is bread that is made with small proportions of banana flour and honey. The product aims at improving nutrient composition in bread offered to consumers. Banana flour is incorporated so as to improve on nutrients while honey as an ingredient improves on taste.

The product will weighs 400g and will be offered in two variants and this is white and whole flour bread. Since the product is a convenience product it is produced for individuals willing to try the new product. In addition to offering consumer a nutritional product the business aims to establish and grow in the market.

Sales promotion concepts:

In developing a sales promotion strategy it is important to develop objectives so as to guide the process. The main objective of the sales promotion is to create market awareness about the product and enhance brand image. The objective is to ensure market knowledge of the new product in order to sell as many units as possible. The objective is to achieve trial purchase to as to create a brand image. The end result from the sales awareness is to create awareness of the bread and persuade consumers that the product is worth a try.

The brand image or personality that we hope to create is that brand is 'nature's gift to man'. The product will be promoted as a healthy, natural, fresh, tastier and better product that provides health and delight with every bite. The product's image will be different from other products in the market since the new product has unique ingredients that make the product better in quality compared to competing products.

Bread is a convenience product thus it targets a wide range of customers. The sales promotion's target audience will mainly be persons who do shopping for their households and this is mainly women. This is because women are the ones who mostly determine what ...

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