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Managing Supply Chain

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Examine how Home Depot uses location in its supply chain then answer the following question:

How does Home Depot maximize supply chain efficiency through the use of location?

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Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank (The Home-Depot, 2010). It is the largest home improvement retailer in the US, Canada and Mexico. It operates its procurement offices in India, China, US, Canada and Mexico. It also established a supplier diversity strategy in 2004 to make an effective supply chain network (The Home-Depot, 2010). This paper will describe about the way in which Home depot has improved the efficiency of its supply chain through the use of location.
Location Factor in Supply Chain
Supply chain is a network that a firm used in its business operation to maintain the proper flow of information from raw material supply to end user delivery. Location factors play a crucial role in the supply chain. Main concern of supply chain mangers is to choose an optimal location of production facilities (Wisner, Tan & Leong, 2008). To make decision regarding an optimal location, a lot of ...

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