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    Roles and Responsibilities - Retail Supply Management

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    Describe the roles and responsibilities of people working in retail supply management. Explain how these roles and responsibilities are applied at your organization or an organization with which you are familiar.

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    The supply chain management could be viewed as a combination of materials management and end product distribution. In the present era, success of retail industry is highly dependent upon the supply chain process of the company. Supply Chain process enables the business firm to distribute products to the end customers on time as per their need and requirements (Harrison, Lee & Neale, 2005). This supply chain comprises several transformation activities and task such as flow of raw material, warehouse management, stock management, distribution finished goods, etc.

    This paper explores the roles and responsibilities of people of retail supply chain management process. This paper also describe that how these roles and responsibilities are applied in Wal-Mart, the leading retail chain of world.

    Roles and Responsibilities of People Working in Retail Supply Management

    In a retail firm, supply chain management process is handled by several people, who have different roles and responsibilities, which are as follows:
    Role and Responsibilities of Retail Supply Chain Manager:
    The main role retail supply chain manager is to ensure the availability of stock and goods in the firm and distribution of products at right time and right place (Monczka, Handfield & Giunipero, 2008). Apart from this some other responsibilities of supply chain managers in retail industry is monitoring the level of available stock, making sure that all the pre-defined targets are meeting, tracking the movement of raw material and goods (Ayers & Odegaard, 2008). Furthermore, retail supply chain manager also ensure that firm should not have over stock, especially in food sector because food ...

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    The roles and responsibilities in retail supply management is examined. How these apply at your organization is determined.