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    Criminal Justice Practitioner

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    Consider the roles and responsibilities associated with the careers and job positions of a criminal justice practitioner. Explore the following websites of several major professional organizations for the criminal justice field. Select one of these organizations and explain how this organization could be useful to you as you pursue both an education and a career in the field of criminal justice. Be sure to cite your source.


    American Correctional Association Membership: American Correctional Association. Retrieved from http://www.aca.org/
    Loss Prevention Foundation Educating an Industry, One Leader at a Time: Loss Prevention Foundation. Retrieved from www.losspreventionfoundation.org
    NAPO: National Association of Police Organizations Welcome to NAPO: National Association of Police Organizations. Retrieved from http://www.napo.org/
    IACP: International Association of Chiefs of Police New @ IACP: International Association of Chiefs of Police. Retrieved from http://www.theiacp.org
    PERF: Police Executive Research Forum Police Executive Research Forum. Retrieved from http://www.policeforum.org

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    The major professional organization that we select is The Loss Prevention Foundation. This foundation is a world leader in certifying retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals. It is the industry's only internationally credentials. The foundation offers college accredited, web accessible, prep-courses that are meant to advance individual industry knowledge (1). The certification relevant for me is ...

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